We believe in the disruption of the status quo for the benefit of many,  not just a few.  We strive in sharing collectively the imagination and  creativity of the world.
 Let's lead the charge together!

The Mind's Eye App -  Sweet Ride

Life often times pulls us in a lot of different directions and it can be difficult to find time to cater to our most basic needs.

Sure, we eat, drink, and sleep, but what about releasing our need to take ourselvesout of our stressed bodies and indulge our mind with images that take us away from the daily grind and make us feel good?

Sweet Ride® is an innovative mobile app on many levels.
Sweet Ride® is a mobile app that caters to adults who:
1)want to experience different levels of pleasure and intimacy,
2) want to explore their mind and physical desires,
3)want to enhance personal sexual relationships,
4) want to find their own voice of expression,
5) want to find the courage in building confidence within their personal relationships.

This all happens through the power of audio. Submit your story!

The goal is to allow the creative minds of people all around the world to share their self expression, tap into a mindful creative process and share it with the world.

Sweet Ride® wants to step away from confining the creativity to a pre-determined finite pool of individual’s ideas of sexual exploration and expression.

These principles make the Sweet Ride® mobile app extraordinary because of the open architecture for fresh content. This is why becoming an individual contributor makes you a shining star!

Sweet Ride® can be used as a catalyst to assist people in their pursuit of unleashing their creativity, inhibitions, and allow people make a contribution to others for the same opportunities for personal growth.

We at Sweet Ride® believe that everyone has something to offer the world, and Sweet Ride® will be the platform to make it happen.
Sweet Ride